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Keep Your Children Mentally Healthy through the Lockdown!

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Staying indoors day in and day out can take a toll on everyone. Here are some ways you can support your little one's mental wellbeing.

1. Practice Meditation


Practicing meditation is a great way to teach children to be more mindful and focus on the present moment.


What to do:

1. Use apps like Headspace for Kids and InsightTimer to find guided meditation activities for children.

2. Engage in these activities for a set time each day.

2. Teach and Model Gratitude


Teaching children to practice gratitude daily will help them be more optimistic and content.


What to do:

1. Set aside a little time each day to have a short conversation about gratitude with your child. Help them to recognize things they are grateful for by asking them questions like:

- What made you happy today?

- What did you do that made someone else happy?

- Who are you grateful for?

3. Have a no technology hour


Set aside a time everyday where your whole family switches off their gadgets and focus on each other. This will allow you and your children to disconnect from constant information and reconnect with family.


What to do:

1. Here are some activities you can do during no technology hour:

- Antakshari

- Play board games

- Play charades

- Tell stories

4. Read Books


Reading books gives your child a chance to explore a new world as well as engage with characters and new concepts.


Choose one book (or more!) to read with your little one everyday. After reading the story, take some time to reflect on what your child has learned from the story.

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