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    This partnership with Mumumco celebrates healthy eating and food choices. Your little one can learn why healthy food is important and practice eating it with Mumumco's all natural treats!



    Learn & practice the value of healthy food choices!



    1. Dinku's lunchbox


    In Dinku's Lunchbox, Dinku understands the value of eating his food. He learns that being big and strong is a direct result of eating healthy food.

    ALSO INCLUDED: stickers, healthy and delicious food recipes and a tiffin tracker chart.

    2. 6 MumumCo Snacks

    1 packet Crunchies 

    1 packet Puffs

    4 packets Melties

    3. Red or Green Dino tote (Size - 13" x 10")

    Dinku's Lunchbox + The Mumum Co's Goodies

    ₹599.00 Regular Price
    ₹499.00Sale Price
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