DinoStaury is a series of Children’s Books designed to impart cultural value based learning to the modern Indian family.  They endeavour to impart lifeskills and values in a simple, engaging and reinforcing manner. 

The content targets children, parents and educational institutes alike in an endeavour to advocate cultural sustainability in a modern context.


Our aim is to support communities to retain their cultures, and HOLD ON TO THEIR ROOTS, in this rapidly globalising world. We intend to do this by providing enriching tools that advocate cultural sustainability in a modern context to parents, educational institutions and children in their formative years. 

Our team is a collection of, authors, illustrators, child psychologists, childcare experts and parents with a common passion; to make our stories and content meaningful along with being engaging.

Priyanka Shahra



Priyanka works to create enterprises that contribute to shaping resilient communities. She does this by creating product and services that empower urban populations to be sustainable. Similarly, her mission for DinoStaury is to promote sustainability of Indian life-skills & values in this rapidly globalising world. She views DinoStaury as a tool kit and a conversation starter for young parents to embrace their roots and raise responsible, grounded global citizens with a strong foundation of values.

Amrita Sachdev



Amrita comes from a lineage of entrepreneurs. While her acumen for investing and building businesses is intrinsic, her creative catharsis comes from writing and blogging in her spare time. 


As one of DinoStaury's original team members and an involved mother to a cheeky toddler, she endorses the company's ethos passionately. She is the team's ever willing sounding board, consultant and quality controller!

Karishma Joshi



Karishma helps create and curate DinoStaury's content. Currently studying early education, she is passionate about creating impactful and valuable tools which will help young learners develop. She brings her love for reading, writing and words into each of DinoStaury's projects. 


Hiral Pandya



Hiral has her hands on all things creative at DinoStaury. With over 10 years of experience as a graphic designer, she heads our team of designers and is instrumental in creating and expanding the wonderful world of Dinopur. 

Akshata Mohta


Akshata has worn multiple hats in her professional life. She is very passionate about mathematics and a very keen observer of life, a natural problem solver, a die-hard optimist and a loving mother of two children. She brings 10 years of marketing and branding experience to DinoStaury and is one of our chief strategists.

Payal Damani


Payal's experience in client servicing spans across various industries. A mother of two children who loves to dance and travel she is a star at organisation. Payal handles DinoStaury's operations across India. She is also on our strategic and marketing team.

Kamala Nair



Kamala is an illustrator extraordinaire and works with our design team to bring Dina, Dinku and the world of Dinopur to life! Her love for colours and her background in architecture has inspired her works.She also enjoys the challenges of storytelling and experimenting with different styles of work.

Kelly Chua


Kelly’s experience is in customer service and logistics. She handles Dinostaury’s Singapore order fulfillment and is on DinoStaury's international strategic team.  On her days off, she learns Japanese and teaches European boardgames to all ages.

Dr Alefia Poonawala



Dr Poonawala is a Child Development Expert and is the Program co-ordinator at Creative Kids. As a medical doctor as well as a childcare expert, she has a deep insight in childcare and the need for hands-on programs. Her passion for children has led Creative Kids to great heights.

As a consultant for DinoStaury, she offers critical and valuable insights into our content.  It is an honour to have her support and guidance as we develop DinoStaury into a valuable tool for cultural value preservation.


Saloni Sachdev is an educator, Bal Vikas instructor, volunteer worker, mother & baker! Her career in education has spanned over 25 years making her hands-on experience with children invaluable. She ideates, edits and contributes to all DinoStaury’s content. She often plans her lessons around the stories to share values to her students as well as get their genuine feedback!

Saloni Sachdev

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