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  • What age group are the books suitable for?
    Children in their formative years between 2.5-6 years. At 2.5 they can start interacting with the characters and at 6 they can start reading for themselves! The content targets children, parents and educational institutes alike in an endeavour to advocate cultural sustainability in a modern context.
  • What is DinoStaury's objective?
    To inculcate the inheritors of our planet with value-skills that teach them to be responsible, caring global citizens; without forgetting their roots!
  • Are we open to suggestions?
    Absolutely! DinoStaury is designed for the modern family! If you have suggestions or ideas our agile team will do our reasearch on your concept and spring into action if we find there is a demand for it!
  • Can parents & teachers write stories for the series?
    Absolutely! If you're interested in writing for us, simply write in! We'll listed to your pitch, do our research on the topic and if approved send you guidelines to get cracking! We give all authors full credit.
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