DinoStaury is a series of children’s stories designed to remind parents to consider cultural value preservation.

Raising a child can be a tricky thing. And it only gets trickier when you’re teaching them intangible things, like good values. You have to answer their every, ‘But, why?’

And not just satisfy their logic; you have to capture their imagination. Which is why, since time immemorial, grown ups have been weaving together fascinating imaginary worlds, to help children better relate to the one around them.

Of course, the world of the children today is far more complex and confusing the one we grew up in.

The stories we tell now, need to be adapted to the context of working moms, resource scarcity and smartphones. These are the things we keep in mind as we write the Dino Staury series.

This series is our small effort to aid you as you raise the inheritors of our world. Metaphorically, dinosaurs represent the past, but we’ve relocated them to modern Asia.

That's why in the magical land of Dinopur your child will; find a place that bridges the gap between the old and the new, understand modern relationships and rediscover age old values. All through cute little stories about dinosaurs.


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