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Lessons on Raising Children from Julfa Sanghvi

It’s never been more important for our little ones to learn traditional values and build on their resilience and empathy. We talked to Julfa Sanghvi of @mom_musings_ about how she keeps her toddler, Kaveer, positive through challenging times and how she built a love for reading in him.

DinoStaury: We are inspired by your mission to make parenting a more positive journey for all your followers! How do you help Kaveer stay optimistic and positive through challenging times?

Julfa: I totally and strongly believe in the power of communication. So every time I am going through something or I feel there is a situation that Kaveer as a toddler needs to be explained in this current pandemic, I resort to the power of communication. I talk to him, tell him things, try to put in some fun positive thoughts and it works beautifully.

I also believe kids are totally dependent on us for their emotional reactions. So I try to stay as optimistic as I can so I can pass on that happy vibe to him.

DinoStaury: Are there any specific values that you try to focus on regularly teaching Kaveer?

Julfa: Yes, I try to imbibe as many good values as I can. Respecting elders is the most important of them all. So every morning Kaveer has to greet his grandparents and I make sure he spends time with them and sees how we respect our elders and learns that as a value for life. I also try to focus on building the spiritual side of Kaveer so he prays to God every morning with his grandma and before sleeping every night, so he takes these things as a form of his routine early in life.

DinoStaury: Tell us a little about how you’ve built a love for reading in Kaveer!

Julfa: As I grew up, I was very fond of reading so I was sure I am going to teach my son that. I started reading to Kaveer when he was 3 months old and it just kept increasing. There were times when he would just flip pages and keep the book away but I kept making sure that books were around him and try to make them as exciting as I can. And to my luck he now loves reading. We read 7-8 books everyday and it's a routine.

DinoStaury: Can you tell us about a challenging behavioural situation you have recently had with Kaveer? How did you make this into a teachable moment to instill long term values?

Julfa: Yes...his tantrums are increasing because the terrible twos are near I guess. So, every time he would make a mistake and I asked 'Who did it?', he would point it out at someone else. It took me quite some time to correct it and explain to him that "It's OK, you can make a mistake" or I would say "Oh, you did it? , No problem, let's correct it." Thus, I teach him that if you make a mistake learn to own it.

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