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Lessons on Raising Children from Sulbha Bathwal

Sulbha Bathwal, also known as twinsandmamatalks on Instagram is a mother of twins and popular mom blogger. She’s been nominated as the best mom blogger in Pune by the BNB Magazine and explores her parenting, cooking and travelling journeys on her blog.

DinoStaury: How do you actively help your twins develop a stronger sibling relationship?

Sulbha: I am the eldest of us three siblings and I was born and brought up in a huge joint family were we never needed friends for anything as we had our cousins and siblings always with us. Then I got married in a huge family where my father in law and his brothers still stay in same house and run a joint family business.. I believe that joined families are common in our culture..

Coming to my twins I have never had to struggle to develop a stronger relationship between them. The bond they share is something which can't be explained in words; sometimes when they fight over something, like a book, I ask one to get another book and sit somewhere else to read. But, within a few seconds, I find them sitting and reading together, sharing the book.

DinoStaury: Are there any specific values you try to focus on regularly teaching your twins?

Sulbha: Yes definitely! try to inculcate some good habits like greeting grandparents and elders of the family with respect. For instance, my twins don't start a conversation until and unless they say “pranam dadaji, dadiji” to their grandparents..

Secondly, I have tried my best to explain to them that no one is better than others. It's just that people who haven't had enough education have become watchmen, milkmen, vegetable vendors or maids. It’s important to always treat them with respect if you want respect in return.

Thirdly, since we stay in this world which is not at all safe be it for boys or girls my main concern is to teach them ‘good and bad touch’.

I try my best to teach them about the importance of water, food and air and encourage them not to waste.

DinoStaury: How do you keep your twins positive through challenging times?

Sulbha: I get up early so that I enjoy some ‘me time’ - once I this time, I don't lose my temper easily. I am very patient and the credit for the same goes to my kids. I try and include them in all the household chores I do and we do them as a team. They know that if they help me finish their chores, we can read two stories together instead of one! Kids are very smart.

They like art and craft and I let them express themselves through that.

Currently in this situation they are missing their society buddies so I have started a online competition daily on different topics and they just by seeing their friends or friends’ work, they become more positive that they'll get to meet them soon.

I talk to them and listen to them patiently. We do a little bit of yoga, meditation and gardening together.

DinoStaury: Can you tell us about a challenging behavioural situation you have recently had with your twins? How did you make this into a teachable moment to instill long term values?

Sulbha: One of my twins is quite inquisitive. For instance, if I say suppose earth is round he is not convinced he wants to know why earth is round instead of square or triangle shaped. So, with this lock down, school closure and no vacations made him quite upset. In response, I talked to him about street children, and explained that at least we as a family are safe and are getting our daily needs like food, milk, fruits and vegetables. I explained that we as a family can help our world and country to fight against this pandemic.

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