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Build Your Child's Sensory and Fine Motor Skills!

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Thinking of creative ways to entertain your little ones? Here are some activities that will engage your children but also build on their sensory and fine motor skills.

1.Sensory Scavenger Hunt


This simple activity can provide you hours of fun and improve your children's sensory skills too!


Part A

Ask children to find objects that

a. Are soft

b. Are Hard

c. Smell nice

d. Make a noise

e. Are rough

f. Are smooth

Part B

Ask children to close their eyes and guess the food items you hand them. Select 4-5 items that are in your kitchen! Remember to use items that you can actually eat afterwards instead of throwing them away.

2. Hand-print Leaves


This fun craft activity needs only a few materials and will help your little one build on fine motor skills!


What you need:

- Paper

- Colour pencils

- Scissors

What to do:

1. Ask children to place their palms down on paper and draw a hand outline.

2. Do this a few times and then colour in the hand prints.

3. Draw a tree trunk on another sheet of paper.

4. Stick the hand prints on as 'leaves'.

3. Make Invisible Ink


This fun, simple activity will begin to lay the foundations for scientific concepts. Follow the simple directions to make invisible ink and have your little one use their fine motor skills to write using it!


What you'll need:

- Half a lemon

- Water

- A bowl

- A spoon

- A cotton bud

- White paper

What to do:

1. Squeeze the lemon juice into the bowl.

2. Add in a few drops of water. Use a spoon to mix.

3. Dip the cotton bud into the juice and use it to write or draw onto the white paper.

4. Allow the juice to dry. 5. Put the paper in the sun to make the words visible!

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