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Connect with nature from inside your homes!

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Even if you have to stay at home, there are several ways you can deep your child's connection with nature and the environment.

1. Plant a seed


Save and plant the seeds from common fruits and vegetables. This will help deepen your little one's knowledge of life cycles and build on their connection to the environment!


What you'll need:

- Mung beans - these are great plants to start with as they're easy and quick to grow.

- Soil

- A deep pot

- Water

What to do:

1. Fill the pot with soil.

2. Place the mung beans in the soil, pressing them gently in, with the white part of the bean facing up.

3. Water the mung beans every day.

4. In 3-5 days they'll start sprouting.

5. Once they reach a good size, harvest them and enjoy them in a salad or curry!

2. Learn about animals, plants and the earth!


Scholastic has put together a wonderful collection of resources to teach your children about nature and the world around us! Use these activities to deepen your child's knowledge about the environment.


What to do:

2. Read the two online books each day and then do the activities that accompany them.

3. Visit animals around the world!

OBJECTIVE: has created a collection of live camera videos which are broadcasting the activities of animals around the world in real time! Watching the animals in their natural habitat is not only fun, but will also help your little one learn about animals.


What to do:

1. Hop on to's website and explore the different live cams with your child!

2. Our favourite ones are of the Ouwehand Park Polar Bear Cubs and the sea lions in British Columbia!

4. Visit the San Diego Zoo


Take a trip to the San Diego Zoo by watching live cams of pandas, penguins, koala bears and tigers. Your child will be delighted to watch their antics and learn about the lives of several different kinds of wildlife.


What to do:

1. Hop on to the San Diego Zoo kids' website and explore the different live cams with your child!

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